Devops Skill Sprints

Devops is the automation of application deployment, testing and monitoring.

DevOps is the integration of system administration tasks into software development practice. Platforms like Kubernetes solve the hard parts which greatly decreases the amount of work.

Today, the majority of DevOps can be handled by development teams without external support or specialist roles.

Good quality, developer-owned DevOps improves transparency, communication and collaboration.

Devops - Tech Profile


Continuous integration/deployment
Better collaboration
Better developer productivity
Better reliability

What is a Skill Sprint?

A Skill Sprint is a customised course intended to help a team get to grips with a new technology. Led by a subject expert, the participants are coached as they deliver on a real goal with the target technology.

Learn how to set up CI/CD pipelines and cloud deployments

Retool DevOps and put developers in the driving seat

Automate application deployment
Set up monitoring and alerting
Shorten your time to market
Save time and focus on improving the business