Kubernetes Skill Sprints

We help you retool with Kubernetes.

Kubernetes is a relatively new open-source container-orchestration system for automating computer application deployment, scaling, and management.

Prior to Kubernetes the management of application deployment and lifecycle was a quite arduous task typically requiring a dedicated teams of DevOps engineers. Today Developers can handle their own DevOps without dependencies.

Today, Kubernetes is offered by all the major cloud providers. It can enable dev teams to independently own DevOps negating the need for dedicated DevOps teams.

Kubernetes - Tech Profile

Container Orchestration System

Open-source and ubiquitous
Fully automated application management
Horizontally scaling


What is a Skill Sprint?

A Skill Sprint is a customised course intended to help a team get to grips with a new technology. Led by a subject expert, the participants are coached as they deliver on a real goal with the target technology.

Retool with Kubernetes and get control of DevOps

Deploy your applications to Kubernetes - either in the cloud or on-premise

The Kubernetes Skill Sprint helps a development team refactor their deployments to Kubernetes
Learn how to leverage Kubernetes directly and get complete control of your software lifecycle
Teams take independent control of their DevOps without having to rely on further external help