Microsoft Access Skill Sprints

The strength and weaknesses of Access, and how discovering alternatives to it means simplifying your life.

Access is a database management system (DBMS) first created in 1992. It is an easy-to-use tool for creating highly functional business applications, from templates or from scratch, in no time.

It is, however, severely limited compared to modern DBMS. The main limitations stem from its single file system: all data is stored in a single file with a finite size limit. Reaching it leads to lower performances.

This also means difficult integration of multimedia data, which tends to be voluminous, as well as severe limitations on the number of users who can access the database simultaneously.

Microsoft Access - Tech Profile

Relational Database

Cost-Effective solution
Easy to learn and easy to use

What is a Skill Sprint?

A Skill Sprint is a customised course intended to help a team get to grips with a new technology. Led by a subject expert, the participants are coached as they deliver on a real goal with the target technology.

Simplify your life by learning the modern way of doing databases

Easier, faster and safer access to your business' data

Improved user experience
Virtually unlimited database complexity
Better compliance with security protocols