Stata Skill Sprints

The strength and weaknesses of Stata, and how learning code is the next step for your business.

Created in 1985, Stata is a software that is built to handle statistics from the ground up. It comes with a lot of documentation and there are numerous tutorials to learn how to use it properly.

It is not, however, free. It is a proprietary software with its own internal logic, unrelated to the rest of the computer science world. Which means that the knowledge you acquire when learning to use it is not transferable.

Compare that to a programming language like Python, which is easy to learn, open-source and modular, and you will understand why learning even the most basic Python could be a positive game changer for you.

Stata - Tech Profile

Statistical software

Accessible GUI
Online help system
Standard and advanced statistical tools

What is a Skill Sprint?

A Skill Sprint is a customised course intended to help a team get to grips with a new technology. Led by a subject expert, the participants are coached as they deliver on a real goal with the target technology.

Unlock access to more powerful statistical tools and large data sets

Discover complementary and alternative tools to Stata

Get rid of matrix size limitations
Create beautiful graphics of your data
Easier webscraping and numerical analysis
Easily customize your own functions